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Ignite Romance, Sustainably

Candlelight has long been associated with romance, creating an intimate atmosphere for guests to connect and unwind. However, not all candles are created equal, and choosing the right ones can make a significant difference in both your experience and the environment. Come on a journey with me, as we deep dive into the world of sustainable candles!

*Fellow florists, make sure you scroll to the bottom to get started on your pearlized plant-based wax candle journey!

Traditional pillar candles, often made from paraffin wax, release pollutants into the air, affecting indoor air quality. Paraffin wax is petroleum based, meaning the pollutants they release are known carcinogens. Many people have made the switch to plant-based candles in their homes, like soy and beeswax, so why not extend that to your wedding day as well? Plant-based pearlized wax candles burn more cleanly, ensuring you and your guests breathe in pure air, creating a healthier environment for your special day.

Traditional candles also create a massive amount of waste. When we used to use traditional candles, we would reuse them as many times as we could, but they would always get to a point where we would have to throw them out, as they weren't big enough to make it through another event. This usually meant throwing out 30-50+ chunks of wax every single week, all destined for the landfill. With pearlized wax granules, we only have to throw out the wax that is melted at the event. It's a tiny chunk and this time, it's destined for the compost bin! The wax is plant based and compostable, meaning it goes right back into our soil to be broken down organically.

Lastly, the labor. Traditional candles make a mess. The melted wax drips for 4+ hours, filling up the bottom of the hurricane and often getting all over the sides. We would spend hours cleaning candles every week after events and it became the bane of our existence. The team moaned and groaned anytime we had a candle heavy wedding because we knew cleanup would be a pain. Now? We LOVE candle heavy weddings! They're so beautiful and we don't get bummed out by the thought of a painful cleanup process the next day.

We love the way the pearlized wax candles look, they're sustainable, they don't create any waste (since they're compostable!), and they're easier on your florist! What's not to love??

Check out our reel on how we use our pearlized wax candles.

Check out these pearlized wax companies: Lova Candles and Vogue Candles

Please note, there are many pearlized wax granule candles out there that are derived from petroleum based wax. Be sure the candles you select are plant based! Most plant based ones are made from palm oil. We know that this, while still sustainable, is not the most sustainable option, so we'll be keeping our eye out for soy, beeswax, and other alternatives!


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