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Barbie Chic: Design the Wedding You Want

How did we go from this....

To this?!?!

When we started working on this wedding with Angelica and Co, the bride was set on a classic, romantic, white and greenery garden party wedding. It was going to be beautiful, full of fluffy white flowers, like garden roses and locally grown dahlias, and plenty of intimate candlelight and lovely linens. But throughout the process, the bride just kept thinking that the wedding didn't feel like *her.* She wanted the wedding to be unique and personal, not just something pulled straight off of Pinterest. We started brainstorming and she said that she was really feeling pink and might want to add a touch of blush. Good progress, but it still didn't feel quite right. Fast forward a few more weeks and she told us that she has always loved Barbie and how fun and chic and playful Barbie can feel, even for an adult. Angelica and I got the green light from her to run with this idea and completely shifted color palettes from white and greenery to every shade of pink! The bride fell in love with the new vision and let us run. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out for our girl! She absolutely loved it (scroll to the bottom for her reaction!) and was so glad that she decided to go with a wedding that felt like her and not just something that looked really pretty on the internet. So this is your reminder to plan a wedding that feels good for you, not just one that's trendy or classic or any other buzzword. You'll be happiest with a wedding that feels like you! Enjoy!


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