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So What Goes Into a Wedding?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together flowers for a wedding? What does it take to go from this:

To this?

Let me break it down for you!

The most labor-intensive part is wedding week, so let's dive deep into that! We start the week off by pulling and prepping vases and candles. We make sure the vases are clean, tape down the chicken-wire cages we use for building designs, and make sure all the votives and candle holders are free of wax residue and smoke stains. The flowers and greenery start to arrive on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. While every wedding is different, we typically process around 750-2,000 stems of flowers and greenery for every event. This includes unpacking the flowers, trimming stems, stripping leaves, and getting them in fresh water. Some flowers can be divas and require special care, like peonies. Then the fun part starts! On any given design day, there can be one to four of us hard at work in the studio. Depending on the scope of the wedding, two of us can handle the whole thing, or all four of our team members will be designing for days. Now on to your wedding day!

*highly stylized "messy" studio

We start the day by eating a BIG breakfast. We'll be on our feet all day and often only have time for a quick snack. Loading the van is similar to a game of Tetris. Everything needs to fit nice and snug so nothing shifts or tips during transport. We deliver the personal flowers to the couple and then head to the wedding location to begin setup. We have anywhere from two to seven designers working each event. Some will be building your flower arch, some will be setting up cocktail hour, others will be setting up the reception. Once everything is in its place, we take a break while you enjoy everything we've created! At the end of the night, we come back for a quick clean up. We break down as quickly as possible, as we usually only have an hour to do so. We load up the van and head home!

Lastly, is clean up day. The day nobody ever thinks about. We often wait til Tuesday to tackle this so we can have Monday (and sometimes Sunday) off. We unload everything from the van and get to work. Any leftover flowers and greenery go in the compost bin. Vessels and buckets are cleaned to remove any bacteria that might damage the next batch of flowers going in. When we're lucky, the kids love to help out with this step! Spent candles are tossed and ones that can be re-used go back into storage. Votives and candle holders are cleaned - this involves using a heat gun to melt any wax residue and using a glass cleaner to remove any smoke. Once everything is finished, we do a final wipe down of the studio and get ready to do it all again!

You might've caught on by now, but during your wedding week, we work the 5 days leading up to it to bring your vision to life. And we love every minute of it. Except for maybe clean up day ;)

Lastly, none of this summary includes the things to run a successful business. This includes bookkeeping, keeping up with and processing taxes, processing payroll, maintaining an active presence on social media, maintaining a website, keeping track of insurance policies, and so much more. We love what we do, but this is easily the least fun part.

We will always remain passionate about weddings, love, and the work we do to create dream-worthy days for our couples!


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