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Birkby House Spring Wedding

This wedding was bursting with all the good things Virginia has to offer. A beautiful manor house, a little bit of history, and, most importantly, blooming dogwoods. The bride is from England and the groom is from Virginia. She wanted to show her love for his home state by including blooming dogwoods wherever she could in her wedding. Now, her wedding was right at the tail end of dogwood season and none of our growers had any available. Not one to let my bride down, I drove around to multiple friends' houses that I knew had dogwoods and offered to "prune" their trees for them. Good thing my friends like me, because the dogwoods added the most beautiful touch to this already sweet wedding. Enjoy!

virginia spring bouquet

virginia dogwood bouquet

white boutonniere

white dogwood bouquet

virginia dogwood bouquet

virginia spring wedding boutonniere

virginia spring dogwood bouquet

white poppy and anemone bouquet

virginia dogwood bouquet leesburg

virginia dogwood bouquet

birkby house spring wedding

birkby house spring wedding

leesburg virginia wedding

virginia dogwood centerpiece

birkby house wedding leesburg

birkby house wedding

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