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Every Cedar and Lime Co event is completely customized. Each design we create is whole and cohesive, with careful thought put into every element of your day. In order to give you a better idea as to what you can expect to receive for your flower budget, we have put together this guideline. This is only a guide, not set packages, and many of our couples fall somewhere in the middle of these groupings. Once you've had a chance to review, schedule a consultation with us so we can create your dream wedding!

 the seed

For the couple wanting to keep things simple

Personal bouquets are kept on the petite side and the wedding party is small and intimate. Ceremony decor focuses on where the couple is standing, drawing the guests in to their moment. Cocktail hour is adorned with sweet little bud vases, with a small piece here and there to draw guests attention to certain areas. The reception is lovely, with a mix of lush floral focused centerpieces and romantic candle focused centerpieces. Guest count is typically on the smaller side, less than 100. 



 the sapling

For the couple wanting to make a statement

Personal bouquets are mid-sized. The wedding party is poppin', with 4-8 attendants on each side. Guests are immersed in the ceremony experience, with flowers around the couple and down the aisle. Cocktail hour is a place to play, with petite centerpieces, statements at the bar, and an escort display that reflects you as a couple. The reception is spectacular, with lush centerpieces, distinctive vessels, and complimentary candles at every table. Guest count is typically between 100-150. 


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For the couple wanting to create an experience

Personal bouquets are large and make a statement. The wedding party is poppin', with 4-8(+) attendants on each side. The ceremony is an immersive experience, with flowers from start to finish. Guests are welcomed to the space with flowers at the entrance to the ceremony, then invited in further with flowers down the aisle, culminating in a floral display as a backdrop for your vows. Cocktail hour is a place to play. Let your personality shine during this hour, with centerpieces for each table, and statement pieces throughout to welcome your guests to the bar, escort display, guest book table, and more. The reception is breathtaking, with lush centerpieces, distinctive vessels, and complimentary candles at every table. There are additional elements to enhance the venue, like hanging flowers, statement pieces around the band, floral displays on the mantle. Guest count is typically 150+.


 the cedar

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