The Lime Package

The Lime Package


The perfect pairing for your intimate wedding! The Lime Package includes:


- couple's flowers (combination of bouquets and/or boutonierres)

- bridal party flowers for two (combination of bouquets and/or boutonierres)

- eight feet of floral meadow (can be broken into two foot sections)

- one large or three small centerpieces


*images shown are examples of size and style; please select desired color palette from the dropdown


White and Greenery - white and greenery

Pastel Perfection - soft purples, pinks, yellows, and oranges

Pink and Coral - shades of pink, coral, and oranges with touches of white

Sweet Summertime - bright pinks, oranges, and yellows

Bright Autumn - white with burnt orange and burgundy accents

Ivory and Burgundy - neutral whites and ivories with burgundy accents


*Once you order has been placed we will reach out to gather the details on your selected pieces (large centerpiece vs 3 small centerpieces and types of couple's and bridal party flowers)

Color Palette